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Electronic Blind Systems

Electric curtain systemsElectric curtain systems

Electric curtain systemsElectric operation is the technology of the future as it guarantees comfortable and efficient operation, even of the heaviest and largest curtains.

Haywoods offers the entire Silent Gliss range of electircal installations.

Electrically operated curtain tracks are ideal for very high curtains or curtains that are out of reach and essential for audio-visual and conference rooms.


Electric curtain systems

Electric curtain systems

Systems may be operated by fixed switch, radio remote control, light sensors, timers or integrations of all.

There is a huge range of options for multiple switching - simultaneously or individually or in banks.

Our systems cover a multitude of stacking possibilities - single, pair, multiple pairs, asymmetric.

Timed systems serve as excellent security devices.

Select from our wide range exactly the system you need for the type and weight of the project in hand.
Silent Gliss has over 40 years experience of electrical systems and most of the motors are specifically designed and manufactures in their custom swiss factories.
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