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Panel Glide Systems

Panel glide systemPanel glide system
Panel glide systemPanel glide system

A unique dimension to window treatments - perfect for today's extensive glazed areas. Use plain or strikingly designed fabrics - the flat panels show designs at their best. The simple, clean architectural look can also be made warm and inviting by the choice of fabrics. Panels are easy and economical to remove and replace. Since the systems look as attractive from the back as from the front, they can be used also as visual room dividers, (ceiling fixing recommended). Superb as a floor to ceiling window treatment. Suitable for domestic and contract applications.


A unique system of sliding panels for use as a window treatment, wall dressing or as a room divider.

Gliders allow for silent operation to take virtually any fabric. Recommended width of fabric is approximately 50 - 100cm but the carrier can be cut to an exact desired width.

The standard profile length is 6m and only available in white.

Available as single, centre, pair stacked or unconnected panels (individual movement).

Can be hand, cord or electronically operated.

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