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Bioflex Anti-Microbial Technology

Vertika Biocote have utilised the properties of silver, producing an Anti-Microbial ingredient which when added to their fabric ranges inhibits the growth of a wide range of micro-organisms such as MSRA and E-Coli.

The safe natural inorganic silver components used in Biocote have been proven to work throughout history, with no evidence of resistance to date.

Vertika Biocote products inhibit the growth of bacteria between hospital cleaning programmes. During cleaning the number of bacteria on the fabric surface is reduced. Fabrics can be re-contaminated between each cleaning programme resulting in bacteria levels increasing. Vertika Biocote treated fabrics will keep the number of bacteria to a minimum.

Typically, where there exists high frequency traffic, or in areas where special requirements have to be catered for e.g. Hospitals and food handling, the potential for cross-contamination by harmful bacteria is immense.

In recent years the problems of Hospital Acquired Infection and food poisoning in restaurants has bought these subjects more into the public domain.

It is essential that the Vertika Biocote products are used in conjunction with good hygiene practises such as increased surveillance, greater education and frequent hand washing. Biocote offers a secondary level of protection against cross-contamination.

The Bioflex Biocote fabric is available in the following colours:

The colour range for bioflex

The Biocote Argento Anti-Microbial fabric range is available in the following colours:

Biocote anti-microbial fabrics colour range

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