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Biocote Anti-Bacterial Solution

Hygienic solutions utilizing silver technology

Curtains with the biocote solution on themCurtains with the biocote solution on themHaywoods Contracts supplies and installs the Biocote® Antimicrobial range of products.

Biocote® incorporates the active agent silver, which is used extensively within health care as an excellent anti-microbial with low toxicity against non-target organisms. The silver active agent used in Biocote® products does not function in the same way as antibiotics and therefore there is very little evidence to suggest that bacteria have become resistant to Biocote® as they can to some antibiotics.

A rigorous validation and quality control program is in place and all testing is conducted by independent laboratories. This ensures the antimicrobial performance of all Biocote® products.

Silver ions bind within the cell. Once inside the cell, silver denatures enzymes, many of which are necessary for energy production. Unable to produce energy the bacteria cannot reproduce.

Silver is shown to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms thus forming an effective part of good hygienic practise.

Biocote® is independently tested and is effective against a wide range of both gram positive and gram negative bacteria as well as fungi.


Products treated with Biocote® have been tested for the simulated life of the product / material with no significant reduction in the anti microbial performance noted, therefore demonstrating the anti microbial efficacy for the life of the product / material.

Biocote® materials can be effectively utilised in areas such as health care, the food industry, laboratory industries, public facilities and domestic products.


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