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Blind Safety

The risks associated with blind operating cords and chains are an issue that Haywoods first addressed around twenty years ago. We decided that the best course of action was to strictly limit the drop of the chains to keep them well out of reach of any children, and as a general rule we do not let the chains drop below 1.5M from floor level. On the rare occasion that the window head is so low that it dictates that this is not possible we make the chains as short as possible so that the loop is too small to pose any danger.

The system we manufacture enables the use of an ‘endless chain’, meaning the chain can be very short, whereas cheaper systems require the cord or chain to be a similar drop to that of the blind, often putting the loop within reach of the children. 

It is likely that legislation will be passed in the future requiring ‘cord’ and ‘chain’ tidies to be fitted to all domestic blinds or possibly any areas where children are present. The fact that these devices are named tidies or pulleys and not called safety devices seems to demonstrate a lack of confidence by manufacturers in their effectiveness as a safety device, so keeping the chains out of reach of the children would appear to be the best course of action at the moment. We have been asked to install many of these “tidies” along with the standard shortened chains, and found this made the blinds more awkward to operate and greatly increased installation time. We are keeping these devices under constant review and are actively looking for an effective device in which the manufacturer has confidence.

Please be aware of other dangers posed by blinds within areas where children may be present, including pocketed bottom bars, systems without retaining hooks, and coverings held by tape – the systems we employ addresses all these further threats. 

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